The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement are taking more efforts to ensure that immigration laws are not being broken in the workforce. The ICE is continuing its thorough investigation of companies throughout the United States. If you’re a business, you need to be aware of the latest ICE efforts in order to protect yourself, your employees, and your company.

ICE currently believes that there are around eight million illegal workers throughout the United States. ICE is taking efforts to ensure that all employers have the correct employee documentation on file to prove that workers are legal citizens. Not only is ICE making sure that paperwork is documented and up to date, but it’s also making sure that businesses are staffing legal citizens. Many businesses have been getting away with illegal employee practices for a long period of time. The ICE is taking steps to crack down on this behavior.

ICE claims that it will not be investigating certain businesses or industries. Certain industries, however, are more likely to hire illegal employees. Many different businesses of various sized will be investigated to ensure that proper procedures are being met. Companies who are employing illegal workers or who are not following the necessary documentation guidelines will face serious consequences. This includes costly fines. ICE hopes that this investigation will stop illegal employee hiring from happening in the future.

If you own or manage a business, you will want to take extra efforts to ensure that you’re following all of the laws that are in place. Take the time to review your current employee files to ensure that you’ve taken all of the necessary legal steps needed to follow the laws. All documentation should be completed and kept on file. Taking the time to review your system will ensure that you’re meeting the legal requirements and will allow you to avoid possible consequences.

Because of the latest streams of investigations, the ICE may visit your business as part of their ongoing investigation. If ICE comes to your business to investigate, you need to be cooperative. You should have all of your employee information easily accessible so that you’re able to provide the proper documentation quickly. provides a free and easy method of helping you stay on top of your I-9 forms. Their electronic compliance solution will help you “audit” your I-9 forms before ICE does, keeping you ready to respond to any I-9 request by the government at a moment’s notice. can help take away one of the major headaches of doing business in this era of increased immigration enforcement.