When an internal audit revealed the inconsistency and inefficiency of their new employee processing, background check and drug testing registration systems, one staffing company knew they needed to make changes if they were to avoid fines, lawsuits and security breaches.

With a workforce of 7,000, the potential for large penalties from local, state and federal agencies for non-compliance with employment eligibility regulations was a tremendous concern. Manual checking of I-9 information and processes inadequate to catch errors in paperwork combined to leave the company vulnerable to non-compliance sanctions.

Concerns for the safety of staff, employees and customers rose as the audit exposed the inadequacy of background screening and check systems. Utilizing variable systems and multiple sources for conducting background checks had left the company open to safety risks as well as civil action. In addition, the staffing company hired remotely and needed a paperless solution for drug testing registration.

A free analysis from Pre-employ.com identified three major improvements which not only brought the company into compliance, but also decreased security risks as well as streamlining processes to save an estimated $280,000 over the next 5 years.

Utilizing Pre-employ.com’s wizard-based I9/E-Verify solution, the company complied with employee eligibility regulations and reduced the error rate experienced with the paper based system. The new process also allowed for organized, electronic storage of all documents needed for government audit compliance, as well as realizing a cost savings of $5 per employee processed. With this portion of the new-hire process automated and streamlined, company personnel were freed to concentrate on more core functions.

The staffing company also changed their background screening processes from a multiple-source and inconsistent process to Pre-employ.com’s background screening service for all new hires. Coupled with the paperless drug testing registration, the company was able to provide consistent, fair and compliant screening processes while lowering their costs by $3 per employee. The addition of the paperless drug testing registration also negated the need for paper Chain of Custody forms.

Utilizing Pre-employ.com’s solutions, this mid-sized staffing company avoided government fines, public penalties and lawsuits, while increasing their productiveness and profits.

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