With the attention on global threats regularly on the rise, I-9 compliance is more important than ever in order to avoid both internal and external issues. Federal agencies, including DHS and ICE, have increased their enforcement efforts and are levying large fines for violations. While often a part of an organization’s intended internal control procedures, the larger the company, the more likely it is that something may get missed. Fortunately, this is an area in which technology and outsourcing can make compliance both inexpensive and thorough.

Recently, Abercrombie & Fitch, a well-known Fortune 500 clothing retailer was fined $1 million dollars for failing to maintain thorough and current I-9 records. Whether this was caused by the company’s failure to stay current on what the legal requirement were, or simply by a lack of diligence in collecting the required information, the results were quite costly and should have been avoided. While changes in the law are not frequent, they do occur and updates need to be regular and timely. In addition, these records need to be easily accessible so they may be available when required. Particularly for an organization like Abercrombie that faces turnover, seasonal employee fluctuations, and reliance on individual store managers for compliance with important legal issues, the ability to centralize this function and stay current is of particular benefit. Compliance does need to be difficult or challenging, but a failure to maintain sufficiently accurate records can have dramatic and expensive consequences.

To address this clear deficiency in the market, I-9Compliance.com offers form I-9 management as a free ancillary service to any of its clients that use its background screening services. The service is web-based and gives the maximum amount of flexibility and oversight available today. Therefore, with a single point of contact, medium to large companies can manage both background screening and this important compliance matter. Because their service is web-based, it is particularly convenient for organizations that maintain both satellite sites and a corporate headquarters. The home office can monitor the activity of any of the branch to ensure that this free I-9 compliance is up to date. This is another example of the power of cloud computing and the benefits it offer to growing successful businesses.

I-9Compliance.com knows that free I-9 compliance is an important differentiator in the current marketplace. No other comprehensive background screening or human resources company offers this add-on benefit without any additional cost. It is there goal to provide value-added services that are of immediate benefit to their clients on both a proactive and reactive basis. Whether responding to a request for information from a government agency, or simply maintain current records on past and active employees, this service is highly beneficial.

A high level 60 second video about the I-9Compliance.com system can be viewed here: