Compliance with immigration laws is a critical part of the hiring process. Over the years, the immigration laws in the United States have been revised and updated numerous times. If filled out correctly, the form I-9 helps verify that employees who are working in the United States are entitled to do so by law. The issue of illegal immigration has become a hot topic of debate in the political world. The reality of the matter is that employers must learn and comply with the ever changing statutes, regulations and requirements that the laws mandate. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently issued new regulations, penalties and fines that all employers need to be aware of.

The new regulations list penalties and fines for non-compliance with the law. Some of the highlights of these changes include possible fines up to $5,500.00 for hiring an unauthorized worker and fines up to $1,100 for improperly filed I-9 forms that have missing information. Please see the following article: DHS New I9 Regulations, Penalties and Fines for full details.

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There are numerous benefits to using the’s web based technology. First, the technology comes with no software to install, provides 24/7 access and the data is stored digitally in PDF form. Second, compliance with all the laws involving the I-9 forms will be satisfied and E-Verify requirements for Federal Contractors will be taken cared too. Finally, the task of remaining I-9 compliant is outsourced to, who not only provides a complete web based solution, but also reduces the overhead associated with I-9 compliance in your organization.

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