An article in the Lansing State Journal claims that a new bill before the Michigan House of Representatives requiring the use of the Federal E-Verify system by state and local governments – and their contractors – to verify if new hires are eligible to work in the U.S. would help the state’s unemployed workers find jobs.

In the opinion of the Oakland (MI) County commissioner, who wrote the article, House Bill 4355 should be a “no-brainer” considering Michigan’s unemployment rate, but that a provision requiring the use of E-Verify – a free online system that employers can use to check whether an employee is legally authorized to work in the country – has caused a “shameless campaign of misinformation in an effort to scare legislators into opposing it.”

The commissioner – who helped get an E-Verify resolution passed in Oakland County – goes on to describe E-Verify as “fast, easy to use, and extremely reliable” and claims “E-Verify protects American workers by making it difficult for employers to hire illegal immigrants” because the system has a nearly 97 percent accuracy rate. He also states the bill will do what the federal government has already done by requiring federal contractors to use E-Verify to check the work eligibility of both new hires and existing employees effective September 8, 2009.

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