According to an article in the Denver Post, the city of Denver, Colorado may consider performing random checks on the immigration status of contract workers after a review found that a construction company used illegal immigrants to work on city projects.

The Post reports that the initial review found that a dozen of the Noraa Concrete Construction Corp.’s 25 employees working on a city project had invalid Social Security numbers, and that the auditor’s office found an additional 13 questionable Social Security numbers for Noraa employees on three other city projects.

Colorado passed a law in 2006 requiring contractors to use the E-Verify system – an electronic system that checks workers’ immigration status – but only for government contracts that did not produce an “end product,” the Post reports. In addition, the federal law restricts the use of E-Verify to the hiring of new employees and not checking existing ones, according to the Post, and the employees found to be illegal workers were hired before the construction firm started using the E-Verify system.

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