The I-9 form is standard paperwork that must be filled out by each person that is hired at a new job. It is a single page form, but many people make mistakes when filling it out that can cost them money and time. It is essential that this form be filled out correctly to avoid employer penalties.

  1. Missing or Incorrect Forms
    Common mistakes that are made when I-9 forms are being filled out include incorrect dates, transposed information and incomplete information. I-9 forms may also be misplaced by employers, which can lead to costly fines. Employers should also be sure that they ask for the correct identification documents from each employee.
  2. Not Complying with The Three-Day Rule
    Regulations state that I-9 forms should be completed before the employee has been employed with the company for three business days. The employee and employer must complete the entire form and the employer must receive and verify identification documents within three days to avoid having to pay steep fines.
  3. Not Re-Verifying Information
    Employers of people with some citizenship statuses are required to update and track the employee’s documentation. Employers must remember to always have valid identification on file and request new copies of documents that are expiring soon.
  4. Ensuring Identification Documents are valid
    Managers who are hiring employees are required to ensure that the identification documents that are provided to them are valid. They also must ensure that they have the proper combination of documents from the three lists. The documents presented with the I-9 form may be from list A or lists B and C.
  5. Not Maintaining Documents Properly
    ICE regulations require every employer to destroy all I-9 forms from their employees either three years after the employee’s hire date or a year after the employment has been terminated, whichever length of time is greater.
  6. Not Having Proper Supporting Documentation for E-Verify Matching
    E-Verify introduced a photo matching system in 2010 to prevent prospective employees from using fake identification to obtain employment. This system requires employers to compare the onscreen photo from their system with the photo that is printed on the identification provided by the employee.

ICE also requires employers to maintain copies of each employee’s photo identification, in addition to verifying the image using the E-verify system. Even when employers know the rules and do their best to follow them, it is possible for mistakes to be made. Every employer should have a system of checks and balances in place to ensure that their company is following all of the proper procedures in regards to I-9 forms. provides a free and easy method of helping you stay on top of your I-9 forms. Their electronic compliance solution will help you “audit” your I-9 forms before ICE does, keeping you ready to respond to any I-9 request by the government at a moment’s notice. can help take away one of the major headaches of doing business in this era of increased immigration enforcement.

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